What could you do if you knew
exactly what devices your customers are using

Improved sales and more effective marketing resulting in more
Market Share and improved ARPU

More efficient support and operations resulting in Cost Savings and Reduced Churn

An Enhanced Product Strategy
resulting in more relevance and
Customer Satisfaction

More than a hundred useful data points will help you create useful insight through the ACETEL Advanced Device Analytics platform in collaboration with GSMA.

Manufacturer, Model Name, Marketing Name, Brand Name

Device type (M2M Device, Tablet, Phone, Games Console, Camera, Watch etc.), Screen Size, Camera, Chipset, CPU, SIM, Memory, Storage, VoLTE enabled or carrier aggregation enabled.

OS name and minimum OS version (Android 5.1, iOS 9, Windows Phone, etc.)

Name, version, rendering engine, markup, image types for default device browser

Streaming, Audio, Video codecs

LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE Category, VoLTE, CA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS

ACETEL helps you understand your customers

even down to the features, constraints and configuration of their individual devices.


A better understanding results in an improved ability to support the base resulting in reduction of churn


Identify relevant opportunities for offers and rewards which would appeal to the customer


Identify opportunities for handset upselling, benefiting from handset sales revenue as well improved ARPU through increased use of services


Clearly identify opportunities to upsell 3G plans based on device capabilities and other insight gained from data, driving further ARPU


Improved personalised and targeted marketing for improved campaign ROI


Use customer intelligence to drive product design and efficient processes so there is an even better chance of success in the market place

Bundled Value Add to Support MNO